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What’s New Alley Kat?


Alley Kat Baltic Porter

Exciting news from central Canada, Alley Kat Brewing of Edmonton, AB has announced their newest beer, St Portersburg Baltic Porter. It is the latest in their Big Bottle series. Alley Kat describes the beer as “rich, roasty, with flavours of dark fruits, toffee and caramel.”
The Big Bottle series is brewed bi-monthly in limited quantities, offering a variety of fresh flavours. The Big Bottle series represents the craft of brewing. The brewers take the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and creativity. “The beer is not only a fun beer to brew because of its complexity but alsobecasue of its history,” notes Brewmaster Brian Westcott. Brewers at Alley Kat have tapped into the rich history of European porters to produce St Portersburg Baltic Porter.
Albertans across the province can enjoy the newest, and all beers, available from Alley Kat. We here in Ontario will be sending out for ours.
“There’s no better way to spend the tail-end of winter than with a strong, rich, roasty beer,” says Alley Kat owner Neil Herbst. We at The Beer Reporter could not agree more. A bold porter is the perfect companion to fend off the cold.

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