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Village Brewery Announces One More Batch of Successful Chai Winter Porter

If you’re one of the Calgarians who wasn’t lucky enough to try Village Brewery’s limited volume of the Chai Winter Porter, don’t be alarmed. You still have a chance.

Village brewed only three batches of the Chai Winter Porter and produced only 700 limited edition growlers to go with it. However, due to the beer selling out rapidly, the brewery has made a last minute decision to brew a fourth batch.

The recipe for the beer was created in collaboration with Kelci Hind and Colin Leach, proprietors of The Silk Road Spice Merchant. “As a brewery that was built to gather people around the community we were excited to get our team together with local spicers to create this unique beer,” says Kerwin. “A combination of ginger, cardamom, clove, peppercorn, fennel, cinnamon and mint were added to the chocolate and caramel malts to make our first Village winter porter.”

This initial seasonal offering kicks off plans for creating three unique beers annually and selling them in limited edition 1.89L growlers. The seasonal beers will give the Village brewing team the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and have a bit of fun experimenting with local ingredients and collaborating
with local organizations.


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    •  It’s that good, eh? … haven’t tried it yet.