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Toronto’s Beer Academy Here to Help you Learn


Toronto’s Beer Academy Here to Help you Learn

I viewed my knowledge of beer with mediocrity. When I first visited Toronto’s recently opened Beer Academy, owned and operated by Six Pints Specialty Company, I felt confident when asked to choose a beer. My confidence quickly began to diminish as I browsed over all the tap handles in the finely renovated building. Thankfully engaging beer ambassadors work there to help educate customers on beer. After a lengthy conversation, that slowly transformed into what felt like a talk with a friend about beer, I chose my beers to sample. Through several key questions, the beer ambassador is instrumental in helping me narrow down my choices. The message he sends is clear: We’re here to talk beer and help you learn.

The whole idea is obvious. This place is here to familiarize people with different styles of beer.

There are construction workers drinking behind me. A businessman to my left, and a couple of students, who perhaps gave their university a lecture a skip. It is evident that The Beer Academy isn’t a place for the elite. It’s a place for everyone.

“The people who are coming in is such a broad range,” says Aaron Bilyea, Director at Six Pints Specialty Beer Company. “So you see all ages  [of legal drinking age, of course]. You will find people here maybe were enjoying a certain beer all of their life and are looking to explore. You may see people who have been into the craft beer movement for years now and they’re looking for a new brewery that can talk to them about that fresh quality.”

The Beer Academy opened in late June. Their expectation is to have 25 to 30 styles brewed by the end of 2012. Currently there have been 20.

“We’re starting with traditional styles that a lot of our consumers know and love,” says Bilyea. “A lot of the direction were getting is from consumers. It’s a bit of a people’s brewery in a way. So what we do is we have tasting cards and consumer feedback and we really ask people what do you want to try next?”

Before leaving The Beer Academy you’re given the privilege of taking your favourite beer home in a couple of quartz or a growler.

Bilyea admits that the best beer in the world is your favourite beer and at the beer academy they don’t want to take that away from you.

The Beer Academy is located at 75 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario.

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