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Determined Craft Brewer makes use of Candy


Ty Armstrong, owner of TNA CandyBeers says his beers are the first of their kind

USA – He knew his idea would be revolutionary when he started using candy.

It all started from his love of beer, explained Ty Armstrong, owner of TNA CandyBeers.

The California brewer purchased his first brewing kit 10 years ago.  He started experimenting with candy beer about five years later and has been brewing since.

“A lady friend of mine was drinking one of my summer beers, which she really liked,” said Armstrong. “She said this beer would be so much better if it were sweet. The light bulb went off and I had a dream of infusing hard candies with exotic fruits using a basic beer foundation.”

Ty calls himself the one and only creator of this unique and delicious style of beer. It has taken him five years to develop, ferment and bottle correctly.

As for the candy? Well, it’s a secret. Aside from telling his loyal drinkers that he brews with candy, everything else is confidential.

Up to date Armstrong has developed more than 150 Candy Beer recipes.

“Our flavors range from Dark Jamaican, RootBeer Stout, Pineapple Crush, Strawberry Surprise, just to name a few. We create Candy Ale type beers, which means normal temperature fermentation of about 70 degrees room temperature.

“All of our beers contain the four major ingredients (water, yeast, grain/malts, and hops) we then add our additions of exotic fruits, hard candies, tea’s, etc.

Currently Ty and his business partner, Judy Shapazian, are in a fundraising stage and hope to start off with a small Nano Brew.

They are also promoting their beers through various beer shows on the West Coast and the feedback they’ve received so far has been exceptional.

“98 per cent of the people who have sampled our beers loved them. We know that when our beer hits the bars it’s going to be a tremendous hit with everyone. We have converted 70 year old women who never drank beer in their lives!”

TNA CandyBeers have been in demand all over the world said Armstrong. However, being a home brewer without licensing they cannot sell and will not sell their product to anyone at this time.

Spoken like a true craft brewer, Ty has no concerns with his product.

“We brew because it’s fun and creative. This style of beer is very difficult to brew and has taken me five years to get through all the problems associated with brewing it.”

Lastly, Ty maintains a positive attitude towards the future of his company.

“TNA has got to win, damned if we lose, still brewing in the kitchen with these candy-making tools.”

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Started in June 2011.

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