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Steam Whistle Oktoberfest 2012

Arguably one of the wildest Oktoberfest celebrations in Toronto takes place at Steam Whistle brewing, this Saturday. After a successful outcome last year, the owners, Cam and Greg, decided to host the event annually, just like the Germans. The organizers are once again promising authentic German food, folk dancers and traditional German music. Of course, this will all be complemented with their golden pilsner. Tickets are only $25. The price includes a litre of pilsner and a stein to take home. Here is a short list of German phrases to better prepare you for this Saturday, courtesy of Steam Whistle:

  • Why not pick up your stein!


    Warum nicht abholen stein!

  • German Toast to your health
  • Waitress
  • More beer, please
    mehr Bier bitte
  • More pretzel please
    mehr Brezel bitte
  • More sausage please
    mehr Wurst bitte
  • Thank you
  • Women’s customary dress
  • Men’s customary outfit
  • sing together
    gemeinsam singen
  • I’m happy
    Ich bin froh
  • What’s your phone number?
    Was ist Ihre Telefonnummer?

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Started in June 2011.

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