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Ontario Legal Drinking Age

In 1978, the drinking age was raised to 19. The primary reason was to restrict the sale of alcohol to students in grade 13 of high school. In 2003, grade 13/OAC was dropped. Based on the initial reasoning of the legislative change, the drinking age should be updated to 18.
– vote in municipal, provincial, and federal elections
– serve alcohol
– go to war with the armed forces
– sign contracts
– drop out of high school
– drink “under parental supervision”
– live by yourself
– enroll in University or College
– be a licensed practitioner of virtually any skilled trade
– own and purchase your own gun
– have a full “G” drivers license
– purchase pornography
– be filmed/photographed for pornography
– be an exotic dancer
– donate blood
– donate stem cells (www.onematch.ca)
– be forced to pay for Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan
– consume alcohol in Québec, Manitoba, Alberta, and most of the world
– not have any protections under the Youth Criminal Justice Act

…BUT YOU STILL CAN’T BUY A BEER! What happened to things like civil freedoms and equality? The age of majority in Ontario is 18. Ontario must legalize drinking at age 18.

Check out this Facebook group to see what people are saying about the drinking age: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513811595#!/group.php?gid=5508813163&v=wall

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