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OCB Sales Rise


Ontario Craft Brewers

CANADA – Ontario Craft Brewers [OCB] have witnessed their profits sky rocket during the LCBO’s annual summer beer promotion, increasing 36 per cent over the same period last year.

Supported by exclusive in-store merchandising, promotions and an increasing consumer appetite for local products, OCB beers took centre stage this summer with high-profile displays and numerous tasting opportunities.

“The profile of Ontario craft beer in this year’s promotion was greater than ever with eye-catching displays and numerous in-store tastings,” says Gary McMullen, President of Muskoka Brewery and Chair of Ontario Craft Brewers. “LCBO support through promotions like this and other year-round initiatives have made OCB beers the fastest growing product segment at the LCBO.”

Throughout the summer, LCBO customers purchased more than 10,000 units or almost $110,000 worth of the OCB Discovery Pack™.  OCB, together with the LCBO, designed the six-packs to introduce consumers to the range of Ontario craft beers available in Ontario.

The Ontario Craft Brewers is an association of more than 25 small brewers dedicated to making great tasting, high quality beer in Ontario. The 25 members of the Ontario Craft Brewers brew their beers locally using fresh, all natural ingredients in communities throughout Ontario – from the Ottawa Valley to Waterloo and Niagara to Muskoka. Handcrafting over 150 premium beers, Ontario Craft Brewers employ about 600 people in Ontario, accounting for over 20 per cent of the overall brewing employment in the province.

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