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Celebrate The Holiday Season With Ontario Craft Brewers


The Ontario Craft Brewers’ OCB Discovery Pack. If your local LCBO does not have it, tell them to order it for you.

Just in time for the holidays, Ontario Craft Brewers have released the thirteenth instalment of their Discovery Pack series. With the rise in popularity of craft beer in the province, it is no surprise that the Ontario Craft Breweries continue to release these packs with newly updated selections. And quite frankly we could not be happier.

Each of these fine beers has been included with the holidays in mind, chosen for their complimentary tastes with seasonal meals and foods. Lucky number thirteen includes:

Black Oak Brewing’s Nut Brown Ale

Flying Monkey’s Smashbomb Atomic IPA

King Brewery’s King Dark Lager

Lake of Bays Brewing Co’s Spark House Red Ale

Old Credit Brewing Co’s Old Credit Pale Pilsner

Wellington Brewery’s Arkell Best Bitter

As you make your way through the box, embrace the variety of styles of beer that are included; you will discover some of the best that the Ontario Craft Brewing community has to offer. Keep in mind though that it is only a small selection of what the vastness of beer produced proudly here in Ontario.

Join the revolution and pick up a pack now at LCBO locations and discover something new in Ontario.

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