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Ontario’s Smallest Craft Brewery Offers Tastes From the Past

Black Creek Brewer relies on wood and copper equipment to brew historic beers. Photo Courtesy John Ashworth (Boss).


Located in Historic Black Creek Pioneer Village, the Black Creek Brewery relies on wood and copper equipment to give your taste buds an idea of what you might have been drinking towards the end of the 19th century.
Although there is no longer an innkeeper running a small brewing operation in the village, the brewery has its own brewmaster, Ed Koren, making sure the beer is being made to perfection.
“Everything that I brew here is brewed using the same techniques and equipment from eighteen-sixties Ontario,” says Koren. “It’s all handcrafted in small batches, no electricity is used in the whole process whatsoever. The beers are all natural, no chemicals, no preservatives are used in the process, nor are they pasteurized so you get a very rich, flavourful, full bodied beer. It’s unlike anything you can buy in the beer store.”
Visitors can take a brewery tour and enjoy the beers at cellar temperature, which won’t not numb your taste buds and ensure you’re tasting real flavours crafted using authentic recipes from the period.

Ed’s time tested process  is based on a two vessel system that takes roughly seven hours to brew and one to five days to ferment. Black Creek’s simple set up and desire to stick to tradition has their production focused on ales, as lagers were a rarity in 1860 Canada.

The Black Creek Brewery continually offers seasonal and limited release brews that offer visitors new and exciting tastes for their pallets. Most recently Ed has concocted experiments like a chocolate-raspberry stout, a sage beer and a delicious pumpkin ale.

Whether you enjoy history or seek out new (or old) brews, Black Creek Brewery offers a memorable experience that will inform and delight all of your senses! Check out the Brewery’s website to see the many types of tours and information sessions offered.



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