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May Long Weekend Drinking.

May long weekend… a weekend known to be great for consuming large quantities of alcohol, I for one did not necessarily fit into that category this year. I did however do my fair share of tasting. I ended up meeting up with some fellow beer geeks (@AThibert & @varxint) Wednesday & Friday before the long weekend for some drinks.

Wednesday Night:

Muskoka Legendary Oddity (2013)
Previously reviewed

Imperial Super Guy – Beyond The Pale
Style: Imperial Rye India Pale Ale
Loved this beer, I’m a sucker for hops and this has plenty of it. Malts upfront balanced with caramel. Hops linger, spicy taste.

The Matador Imperial IPA – Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Style: Imperial IPA
You could spell the cedar from the minute you pour this little jem. I really enjoyed it the cedar was definitely upfront but was balanced out with citrus.

Friday Night:

BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout – Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Style: Imperial Stout
I’ve said it before, I’ve slowly warmed my way into drinking stouts. This beer is awesome, chocolate dominates as far as the aroma goes, but that’s exactly what I expected. The taste was balanced, chocolate came across sweet at first but lead into a roasted bitterness. It was a hit in my books, dessert in a bottle.

Hop On Your Face – Beyond The Pale
Style: IPA
Okay, I’ll be the first girl to admit that I love the name, it’s hilarious. This beer is everything it says in the name, in your face. The aroma comes of strong with scents of pine and orange peel and as for the taste it was bold, in all the best ways possible. I’m so happy this has become a regular brew.

Immodest Imperial IPA – Nickel Brook
Imperial IPA
I had heard some hype about it and was eager to try it. This beer turned out to be dangerous, that’s for sure. Big aroma, citrus mostly. Pine & citrus flowed together nicely for an overall great (moderately bitter) taste. Great balance and choice of hops and malts.

I have to thank April & Chuck for their hospitality, a few of those beers I wouldn’t have had a chance to try if it wasn’t for them. I’ll have to bring the beer next time!

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Beyond The Pale
Nickel Brook

– The Beer Gypsy

The Beer Gypsy

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