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Lions Winter Ale Comes Roaring Into Ontario


Lions Winter Ale

Granville Island Brewing has made its way onto Ontario shelves over the past year. After joining with Creemore Springs in 2009 the Vancouver based Brewer has been expanding. Now with a new winter season on its way comes Granville’s introduction of its Lions Winter Ale in Ontario.

The award winning Lions Winter Ale is soon due to hit shelves at The Beer Store and LCBO. It will be available in six packs, individually, and in a Granville Seasonal Mixer Pack. Expect a refreshing full-bodied ale with a “vanilla-like finish.”

Granville Island Brewing was established in 1984 in Vancouver, British Colombia becoming Canada’s first microbrewery and since then has become a Vancouver staple. Granville adds a sense of local flair to their beers by naming them after local landmarks, the Lions Winter Ale for example is named after a pair of mountain peaks in British Colombia known as the Lions.

Adding to Granville’s success and recent expansion is there own locally born Brewmaster Vern Lambourne. Lambourne joined the Granville team in 2001 and since has greatly added to the Brewery through his education in biochemistry and his experience at the Orange Brewery in London, England. He is responsible for such brews as the Robson Street Hefeweizen, which we have had the pleasure of sampling here in Ontario.

The seasonal mingler pack will include: Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, English Bay Pale Ale and Island Lager. For more information check out Granville Island Brewery at

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  • Pauline

    Where? I just contacted the LCBO and they directed me to put in a private order.

    •  Hi Pauline,

      I just checked with the LCBO and they received the shipments two days ago. Their system is now updated and you could find locations carrying the beer on their website.