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Hop City Brewing Co. Delivers 70 IBUs of New Tropical Hop Flavour

Hop City Brewing Co. is cranking things up with HopBot IPA, a new India Pale Ale. The latest brew from the guys at Hop City is their boldest yet, packed with five different West Coast American hops crafted to bring out waves of absurd citrus and tropical notes with just the right notes of spice and pine. The Citra, Centennial, Mosaic, Summit and Willamette hops provide a serious hop kick, while a blend of Canadian Pale 2-Row, Carastan, Crystal and Black malts provide a solid balancing malt backbone.



HopBot IPA is the sixth Canadian launch from the Hop City Brewery, located in Brampton Ontario – a beer style that was highly anticipated by brewers Kevin Gray and John Gagliardi.

“When developing HopBot IPA, we focused on a few key things,” says Gray. “Huge aroma, exciting and complex hops characteristics, and an ideal hop-malt balance.”

To achieve just that, Kevin and John researched hops from across the globe, explored North America’s top IPAs, and worked through plenty of recipes. While R&D for creating a new beer can be one of the more fun parts of being a brewer, this extensive work was what Kevin and John knew would be the key to finding the right combination of ingredients to create something new amongst the increasing number of IPAs on the market. They definitely did just that.

Hop City HopBot IPA is now available across select regions in Canada on draught and in 6-pack bottles, with 473ml cans launching at the LCBO just in time for Summer.


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