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Flying Monkeys StereoVision on the Horizon

Flying Monkey StereoVision will be released just before Christmas.

Finally, here it is: the skinny, the low-down, (nearly) everything you need to know about Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery’s newest beer, StereoVision American Kristall Wheat.

It blends the North American practice of late-hopping a beer, with the long-standing European wheat beer traditions. The result is a rich and golden honey colour; tiny bubbles burst forth from the bottom of the glass and race to the surface to form whipped and dense foam.

Their use of Styrian golden hops provides a backdrop of herbal and floral aromas, defined by the sweet bready malts and natural notes of honey and caramel. As for flavour, it embodies all that is great about Kristall wheats. The expected sweetness of clover honey and graham crackers is expertly complemented by a zesty, earthy finish of lemon and grassy hops. The pretties at Flying Monkeys have really done it again with this one, folks.

StereoVision American Kristall Wheat is 5.0% ABV, 25 IBUs. Flying Monkeys suggests it pairs well with vegetables, chicken, bacon, nuts, fruits and cheese.

As the first paragraph mentioned, this is only almost everything you need to know about StereoVision. It begs the questions: when, and where, can we get it? The beer is scheduled to show up on shelves, across Ontario, just before Christmas, most likely between December 10-14.


For more information on Flying Monkeys click here.

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