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Five Beer Labels That Might Be Offensive

Occasionally, or maybe frequently, you pick up a beer. You stare at the label and slowly begin to peel it off. You take a sip and release a sigh … You may start nodding in agreement to the guy ranting in front of you. Or perhaps pondering your existence and anticipating the next bottle of beer. You might simply be drinking your daily pint and thinking about a whole lot of nothing.

Getting to the point, when we take a break from our busy lives and finally have a beer at the end of the day, we don’t pay attention to the branding on the beer we drink. Graphic designers spend years developing their skills to produce visually appealing labels and making their beer stand out more than others. Amazingly, some brewers take drastic steps to catch your attention with offensive, funny, and unique labels. Here are a few:



This label comes from Utah, naturally.















A raspberry beer from Poland.

















Another beer from Poland. Looks completely fine, until you read the name. “Piwo Ciemne” translates to “Black Beer.”















A British Watchdog banned this beer from shelves after they determined the label to be too sexy. It’s not that sexy, you might say. Well, the swimsuit on the woman could be scratched off and reveal her naked. Now it’s sexy.















This looks like wine, but it’s our favourite.


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