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Dos Equis Ambar Recall Alert

Heineken USA has issued a partial recall of several products across the country. A defect was discovered during a routine inspection in the 12-ounce bottles. The bottles contain batches of Carta Blanca and Dos Equis Ambar, which are available in six packs and 12 packs as well as “Beers of Mexico,” and “Best of Mexico” variety packs.

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The affected bottles were produced by a third party supplier and the defect was detected through a quality inspection. There is a potential for small grains, or particles of glass, to detach from the inside of the bottle and fall into the beer.

Heineken USA said they believe the number of affected bottles is less than one per cent. As a result the company made the decision voluntarily and recalled certain batches of products as a precautionary measure.

So far there have not been any injuries reported and the possibility of an injury is very low. The small particles of glass in the bottle could pose a health risk. Make sure to share this.

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Started in June 2011.

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  • I never knew that Heineken brews Dos Equis. Why would they put their name behind such swill is beyond me.

    • Heineken isn’t exactly the best beer either.