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Cool Brewery First in Ontario to Launch Mini Kegs


Cool Beer Mini Keg

Cool Brewery is set to launch a unique self tapping mini keg for the take home market. Cool’s 3.1 litre mini keg will pour an equivalent of nine regular bottles of beer and is equipped with an easy to carry handle.
“Cool brewery is the first to market a unique 3.1 litre mini keg” said Andrew Costa, Marketing Manager for Cool Brewery.  “We discovered there was market demand for a mini keg if the keg cost less than twenty dollars and if they can fit easily in the fridge at home.”
The mini keg will pour Cool’s award winning Craft Lager which will be available at all self serve Beer Stores and select LCBO outlets in southern Ontario.  Cool designed their website to help beer drinkers locate LCBO and Beer stores carrying Cool beers and to offer home delivery service.
“There are 5 litre take home kegs in the market but beer drinkers complain they take too long to chill, didn’t fit in the fridge and the beer style is too European, too heavy,” said Costa.  “Our Cool mini keg addresses all these issues and our Cool Craft Lager is not only award winning but easy to drink, refreshing and affordable,” said Costa

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