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Bud Light Platinum Arrives in Canada


Bud Light Platinum Arrive in Canada

The Bud Light Family is proud to announce the arrival of its newest family member to Canada. You may have heard of his older sister Bud Light Lime or brother Bud Light Mojito. Now it is Bud Light Platinum’s turn to dominate Canadian beer pallets. Like his older siblings Bud Light Platinum offers a unique experience for Canadian beer drinkers. This new Bud Light is both advertised as a light beer at 137 calories while providing a kick with its 6% ABV. One more defining feature of Bud Light Platinum is its 355ml Aluminum bottles. At the moment this cobalt blue containers are your only option but they do befit the unique nature of this beverage.
If you are looking to try something new that has the ability to keep you thin and knock you on your ass then grab a 6 pack of Bud Light Platinum at just over $13. Try it out and let us know at The Beer Reporter what your experience was like on our Facebook page!

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