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Brewed Awakening by Joshua M. Bernstein


Brewed Awakening

This is surely the ultimate beer journal. The author opens up peoples eyes to the possibilities of beer and what is happening in the craft brewing industry. He explores trends from all around the world and features breweries that are changing the way people think about beer.

Bernstein begins his book with an introduction about his journey from drinking Busch Light to evolving into a beer aficionado. After that he discusses the ingredients in beer, styles of beer and gives recommendations on beers to try.

In later chapters he tells us about leading homebrewer tours. Every four to five weeks, Bernstein becomes a tour guide and escorts beer fans to sample what brewers are making in their own homes.

The book is visually appealing, engaging, and easy to follow. Bernstein says he approached the writing of the book in a way comparable to a friend telling you about a really great beer. Even without a background in the world of beer, the reader is drawn in by the story he tells. If “Beer 101” were an actual college course this book would be on the syllabus.

This book can be purchased on Amazon. Here is the link: Brewed Awakening by Joshua M. Bernstein


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