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Mid-way between Ottawa and Montreal there is a small town with a name that is hard to pronounce. And there, situated less than an hour’s drive from our nation’s capital, in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, the Beau’s Brewing company makes its home. Home is certainly the appropriate word for such a company. Beau’s Brewing was co-founded by Tim and Steve Beauchesne, a father and son team who continue to operate their company with a closely knit group of family and friends. Furthermore, their commitment to their craft nature, their fans, and the pursuit of excellent beer has made Beau’s one of the strongest independent breweries in the province. In just a few short years Beau’s has grown from a local delicacy to one of the sought after staples of the craft beer community. Sweeping Ontario brewing awards, winning such prestigious titles as ‘Best Beer’ several times over, here at home and even internationally, it is no surprise to see their ever-growing success. Initially only available in and around the greater Ottawa area, Beau’s is now available across the province on tap and in stores.

The Beau’s Brewery opened its doors on 1 July 2006, fitting for a company that brews its beer in Canada, near our capital. Their first and only full-time brew, the Lug Tread lagered ale, has provided all the traction they needed to make a name for themselves in the growing world of craft beer. Additionally, Beau’s offers a vast selection of experimental and seasonal beers to quench more diverse tastes. With four seasonal beers and twenty eight individual beers which exist as part of the ‘Wild Oats’ collection, there is undoubtedly a taste for all beer drinkers. Although Tim and Steve certainly aren’t coy when it comes to their variety of tastes, noting that not all will be for everyone, they hope that with their contribution beer drinkers might find something that “literally changes how you think and feel about this wonderful beverage.”


Beaus Lug Tread 4 Pack

The Lug Tread lagered ale is described by Steve on his Beau’s blog as “a tribute to the classic beer of Cologne, Germany.”

What makes Beau’s different is the duality of the Lug Tread’s preparation, as well as the ingredients used in the process. Each and every one of Beau’s beers are 100% organic. They do not use artificial ingredients or fillers, including corn syrup and rice extract. Pure and filtered spring water provides the basis for their beer.

Lug Tread specifically though is top-fermented like an ale, and then cold aged like a lager. The result is a clear, light and crisp tasting beer with flavours of citrus and fruit. More formally referred to as a Kölsch-style beer, the brew is fermented warm and then aged near freezing for several months. It is certainly not a bitter beer but there is a prominent hoppiness that stems from its ale roots.

Lug Tread lagered ale contains a moderate 5.2% ABV, with a rating of 21 IBU. Ask for it on tap at your local establishment, and of course it is available at LCBO stores and the Beer Store across Ontario. It is sold in packs of four oversized 600mL bottles for $15.85 CAD. For those who are interested in the complete line of Beau’s beers take a trip to Vankleek Hill to visit the brewery. There you will find a wide selection of seasonal beers and more from the Wild Oats line available for sale. Also the brewery is open seven days a week for tours. The staff are always inviting, and more than happy to talk beer and hoist up a pint.


If you are interested in knowing more about Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company check out their website at

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