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BBbarfly Inc.


Serge Shirinian (left) and Brian Becker (right)

CANADA – Modeled after the butterfly knife, the BBbarfly Bottle Opener is increasing in popularity throughout the beer drinking community.

Seven year veteran bartender, Brian Becker and 20 year veteran engineer, Serge Shirinian created the BBbarfly bottle opener.

BB in BBbarfly represents Becker’s initials. He pursued the idea for two years before turning it into physical existence.

“Every inch of the BBbarfly was made at home [in Canada], during our gruesome research and development stage, which took almost a full year,” said Becker. “[And] from beginning to end, BBbarfly Bottle Openers were all made in our facility. This includes complete assembly, decal design and print, wrapping, shipping, etc. In addition, all jigs, presses and drills were designed, owned and operated by BBbarfly Inc.”

Each opener is made using stainless steel and, as a result, is guaranteed to never rust.

These heavy duty and durable bottle openers make perfect promotional items. BBbarfly sells full customizing orders for a wide range of customers both in person and online. This includes birthdays, company promotions, going away presents, father’s day presents, sporting teams, beer reviewers, executives, etc. BBbarfly Inc. also does larger quantity custom orders for clients such as Beer Stores, Breweries, Bars, Nightclubs, Large Corporations, DJ’s, Bartenders, Bartending Schools, etc.

BBbarfly had great success with their openers at this year’s Toronto’s Festival of Beer where they almost completely sold out in just 3 days.

BBbarfly is planning on holding worldwide BBbarfly competitions online at Right now the website is housing BBbarfly’s online Trick Tutorials for customers to learn new and harder tricks.
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Started in June 2011.

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  • Paulstemarie

    As “the wine guy” I have been too so many Restaurants where they are looking for this unique flash to serve with, and the BBbarfly is the answer. I have one and crack it out at every party we host… everyone is always amazed and plays with it the whole party
    Great job gents, best of luck