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Amsterdam Brewing – Past & Present

amsterdam-brewpubAmsterdam Brewing, a Toronto original since 1986, is on the move! As of last Thursday November 1, 2012 the brewery has been operating out of 45 Esandar Drive near Bayview and Eglinton. This staple in Toronto’s craft beer scene has undergone similar changes in the past. Before Amsterdam Brewing Company was a microbrewery it was Toronto’s first brewpub under the name Amsterdam Brasserie and Brew Pub.

Roel Bramer of Holland opened the Amsterdam Brasserie and Brew Pub in 1986 after a shift of legislation allowed for restaurants to begin producing their own brews. Following his success and Torontonian demand for more craft beer, Roel opened a second location called the Rotterdam in 1988. Eventually Roel moved on from the two smaller brewpubs and in 1993 created the Amsterdam Brewing Company that we know and love today. Following in Roel’s footsteps of continual renewal and expansion, Amsterdam’s present leader Jeff Carefoote again takes Amsterdam to a new and expanded location.

The new Leaside location offers the craft brewer an expanded space compared to their previous home at Bathurst and Front. This increase in space allows for Amsterdam to further their involvement in the community with an inclusion of a designated hospitality space. Similar to past events like summertime concerts, movie screenings and rooftop BBQs, the hospitality space will be the home to annual and new future events including brew master seminars. An additional focus of the new location is its new retail shopping outlet that will provide Amsterdam customers with both freshly brewed beer and a visual insight into the brewing process. The retail shop at 45 Esandar includes a 40 x 10 ft. glass wall that offers a window into the brewing process, another way that Amsterdam shares their beer with Torontonians.

Amsterdam Brewing Company is moving into the future with a new brew but also by revisiting their past. By the summer of 2013 we can expect a new Amsterdam brewpub in the city, reminiscent of the company’s early days as a brasserie. Rather than stumbling onto John or King, patrons will find themselves at Harbourfront Centre. The new venue will be located at 245 Queens Quay West and will have a capacity of 900, allowing for 450 indoors and 350 on the patio! The new restaurant is set to offer fine food that will compliment Amsterdam’s own craft beer.  Secondary to the restaurant, the upcoming brewpub will offer its own retail experience for downtown shoppers. Hopefully the rain stays away this summer as Torontonians and tourists alike will have two new places to experience a Toronto throwback!

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